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Mom Genius™ arrives at a time when the inventor’s space is flooded with false advice and scams. With experience to back it up, we strive to help your bright ideas come to life the right way! 

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Who is Tiffany Krumins?

Tiffany became the first ABC’s SharkTank winner thanks to a bright idea she had while working as a nanny. Since, she has started Mom Genius™ to help make the inventor’s process smoother!

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Weekly Blog Posts

Each week we break down the Mom Genius™ process, introduce new inventors & share genius ideas that we love! Tune in weekly to learn more from Tiffany Krumins!

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“After seeing Tiffany’s pitch on Shark Tank, I felt compelled to reach out to her. As a pediatric nurse, I had many of the crucial pieces of the puzzle, but I’d been working on my product for about 8 months and I wasn’t sure what step to take next. She has steadfastly walked me through each stage of growth. Tubesies has now grown from a single prototype to a multi-sku brand now available at Zappos Adaptive. I owe so much of that success to Tiffany and her team.”
— Cecilia Auth, Founder & CEO of Tubesies